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Managed AV services 

Time is a finite resource, and we always need to do more with less. As an AV administrator, a lot of time is taken up running around to provide client support and maintain systems. With AV-managed services, you can increase your efficiency by monitoring and managing a system remotely. With a remote diagnosis, the right resource can be despatched, saving time and money.


Control UI has a real-time clock, so the time scheduling of events is just a click away. You may want to ensure that all rooms or displays shut down at the end of the day. You can even set intervals so certain events can occur on a set-minute basis. 

Remotely interrogate devices

Inevitably, device issues will arise, so it's critical that response times are kept swift for the best client relationships. Our command terminal feature lets your technicians remotely diagnose devices to solve problems before rolling trucks to visit sites.

Firmware checking

Firmware maintenance is an essential part of AV best practice, but its time-consuming process involves a lot of physical labour. With Control UI, you no longer need to be local to devices, as remote interrogation through our command terminal can reveal all the information you need. 

Email notifications

Set notifications for events of concern, the most apparent are when devices encounter errors or become unresponsive. However, it is not just limited to that. Any control condition can trigger an email notification e.g., room in use.

Eliminate AV  meeting delays


Meetings per day
Meetings per week



Lost per year in un-productive meetings


Room checking 

Have the confidence in knowing that your rooms are ready to be used with Control UI room checking ability. You can set preset routines to check specific devices or perform an entire room on/off procedure. Control UI provides you with the assurance of working AV when you need it.

Heart beat devices

Having absolute knowledge of working AV can be critical for specific applications. Control UI lets you schedule regular interval checks, so if devices are no longer responsive, various notifications can be triggered, like emails or UI status changes, or even alternate preset routines can be enacted.



 as well as 


  • Value add your AV systems

  • Reduce truck rolls

  • Achieve better outcomes

  • Improve your SLA

  • Gain deeper insights

  • Improve ROI

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